Our Sweet Success Story

Margaret McEntire, founder and CEO of Candy Bouquet, initially started the company as her own home-based business in 1989. She and a partner opened their first store in Houston, Texas, though unforeseen circumstances forced them to close a year later.

But Margaret knew she was on to something, and was determined to succeed. Her family rallied around her, and she moved to Little Rock, AR, opening a small 90-square foot shop in a busy, affluent neighborhood. To get the word out quickly about her delicious Candy Bouquets, she gave them away in high-traffic areas like banks and restaurants. The marketing strategy worked - soon she was receiving phone orders and the business started to boom.

Customers weren't the only people she was attracting. Some also wanted to know Margaret's secrets to her unique (and lucrative) home-based business and open their own locations. After selling several Candy Bouquet licenses, she incorporated Candy Bouquet International in 1993 as a franchise operation.

Right from the start, she believed that the entrepreneurial spirit should not be crushed by high franchise and royalty fees. Margaret created a supportive environment for her franchisees, teaching them how to make great Candy Bouquets while making it an affordable franchise option for just about anyone who wanted to own their own business.

Today, Candy Bouquet International, Inc. has over 300 locations in all 50 states and in 31 countries around the world. We continue to be one of the fastest-growing candy franchise companies in the United States with a consistently high Dun and Bradstreet Rating.

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