A Delicious Small Business Franchise Opportunity...

If you have done even a little research into starting a small business franchise, you'll notice one thing: the set-up fees are enormous. It's like you need to be a millionaire before you even start. Not only do you have to comply with mandated store locations and layouts, strict operational guidelines, and high royalty fees - you pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in franchise fees to do so.

Candy Bouquet is different. With minimum investment, you can start your own Candy Bouquet franchise in a storefront or kiosk of your choosing. You can even create a home-based business and reduce your overhead even further, or "twin" your Candy Bouquet franchise with your current flower or specialty gift shop. You have the flexibility to choose what business plan works best for you.

Franchise fees starting at $10,500 depending on the size of your territory. Included in this fee is full training on how to create your Candy Bouquets, how to design your showroom, and how to manage your storefront or home-based business. No business or artistic experience necessary!

Best of all, Candy Bouquet charges no royalty fees, just a small monthly association fee.

Ranked As One of the Best Franchises in the U.S.

Candy Bouquet consistently ranks in the Top 500 Franchises and Top 20 Home-Based Franchises as tracked by Entrepreneur Magazine. We've also won many other awards and accolades over the years - a testament to our franchisees as much as it is to our corporate structure.

Explore the links below to find out more about our small business franchise opportunities or contact us to Request More Franchise Information about owning your own Candy Bouquet location. And please read Overview of the Application Process prior to sending us your application.

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