Overview of the Application Process

We have developed a standardized application process, outlined below. This is to ensure that you, the applicant, have sufficient time to consider whether Candy Bouquet is the right franchise operation for you.

The five general steps are as follows:

Step 1 - Fill out the application

All potential franchisees must fill in and submit an application online, by fax, or by mail. Please note: the purpose of this form is for general information only and is in no way binding upon either the Company or the applicant. All information you send to us will be kept strictly confidential.

Step 2 - Receive and Review your Uniform Franchise Disclosure Document

If we approve your application, a Franchise Representative will call to notify you. At this time, he or she will send you a Uniform Franchise Disclosure Document (UFDD) and your Franchise Agreement. If you receive this package by mail, please sign and date your receipt, and then mail or fax it back.

Please read the UFDD carefully. We recommend that you send it to a trusted business and/or legal advisor, and discuss it to ensure that this is the right franchising opportunity for you. There is a 14-day waiting period (starting the day after you sign and date your receipt) after which time you will be asked to begin the purchase process.

Step 3 - Determine your Territory

Determining your territory is an important step to purchasing your Candy Bouquet franchise. Your franchise fees are directly connected to the size of your territory, but it is also crucial to creating your own business plan.

In the United States, territory is usually set by ZIP code though we may use other geographic boundaries in low-population areas. Internationally, your territory will set according to local geographic areas. In all cases, your Franchise Representative will be able to help you determine your territory.

Once your territory is set, you will be required to send your signed Franchise Agreement and a 25% non-refundable deposit to reserve your territory, payable by cashier's check, wire transfer, credit card, or money order made payable to Candy Bouquet International, Inc.

Step 4 - Schedule Your Training Time

Candy Bouquet International provides week-long training in Little Rock, AR. We will send you a package containing more information on our training program including available start dates, a list of local hotels, and a checklist to prepare you for your visit.

Step 5 - Sign Your Contract

Your Franchise Representative will assist you in setting an appointment during your training week to complete the signing of your contract and the remittance of the remainder of your franchise fee. This payment must be in the form of a cashier's check made payable to Candy Bouquet International, Inc. At this time, you will also purchase your starting inventory package valued at $4,950.

Apply online right now, or Request More Franchise Information. Join our sweet success today!

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