Letter of Introduction

December  2011



To our fellow Candy Bouquet Franchisee:


Hello! My name is Jim Wheeler, and my wife’s name is Janet Wheeler. As you may have learned from the Franchisee Center, we are the new owners of Candy Bouquet International! It was a long time hope of Margaret’s to sell the company to a franchisee, which she accomplished on November 30, 2011; we are franchisees for a large portion of Southeast Texas. Margaret will be serving in a consultative capacity to CBI, befitting her role as Founder of CBI 22 years ago!


What does this mean for the company? I am a physician/lawyer, with successful business experience in food service, landscaping, medicine, medicolegal consulting, real estate, construction, insurance and securities, and most recently, franchising; I’ll be serving as President & CEO. Janet is a R.N., the best O.R. assistant I’ve ever had, and is the new Owner of CBI. All current staff is being retained, including Jim Benham, our COO.


What does this mean for YOU, our franchisee – our client, our customer, our colleague? In our first two weeks on the job, Janet and I:


ñImmediately remedied warehouse shortages some of you experienced.

ñShipped out all “pending” shipments on hold for various reasons.

ñCreated a formal Customer Service division, distinct from Sales, led by Warehouse Manager David and assisted by Carrie and Jacquie. Each franchisee will have their own personal representative among these three capable staff persons.

ñHired a new warehouseman to pull and ship your orders, and a new receptionist to direct your communications with corporate CBI.

ñBegan search for another sales person to increase franchises.

ñDeveloped new product lines and lines of businesses.

ñInstituted monthly discounts/specials on the Franchisee Center site to encourage franchisee readership.

ñOffered a “CEO’s discount” for the remainder of December’s orders.

ñContacted our first prospects for new business models: Gift Shop Partners, and CBI Partnered Storefronts.

ñContacted possible corporate clients.

ñGave an interview to Arkansas Democratic Gazette announcing our plans.

ñBegan analysis of our internet-based leads generators.

ñBegan a comprehensive marketing analysis of all our advertising efforts.

ñBegan contacting our franchisees personally about our plans for CBI’s growth and success!


We appreciate all you’ve done for Candy Bouquet-ing under Margaret’s leadership. We now invite you to join us for Candy Bouquet’s next chapter:bigger, broader, better and even more fun and fulfillment for our franchisees!


May we suggest these next steps for you:


ñVisit our Franchisee Center frequently, especially for the monthly specials!

ñPlace an order in December to take advantage of the “New CEO’s 10% Discount”. It’s time to prepare for Valentine’s Day 2012, and beyond!

ñPonder your visions for Candy Bouquet’s future.

ñContact headquarters and get your personal Customer Service rep assigned.

ñPrepare a list of how headquarters can better serve you into that future you envision; send it to your Customer Service representative.

ñContact me personally if you have any difficulties, issues, ideas, or just want to say “Hi, how’s the weather in Little Rock?” at JW@candybouquet.com


My family looks forward to serving you, your family, and your customers well into the future! I look forward, personally, to getting to know each of you,


Dr. Jim Wheeler, MD,MPH,JD

President & CEO


Janet Wheeler, RN, BSN



Eric, Brandon, Alexander, Elisabeth, Matthew & Mark Wheeler



Dr. Jim Wheeler, Esq.
President & CEO
Candy Bouquet International, Inc.