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Turning Worries Into Inspiration

Turning Worries Into Inspiration

January 6, 2012


Below is an email conversation between franchisee Barbara Murphy and Creative Director Emily Galusha, displaying the inspiring motivation that is shared between Headquarters and Franchisees.



Intro email from Headquarters:


Good morning, Barb!


Jim Wheeler, our new President and CEO, informed me that you are having some troubles with marketing/advertising your company. I understand how business fluctuates and it is very easy to get discouraged when consistent effort does not bring the reward you expected. Please share with me your frustrations and I will do my best to advise you with some new direction. We are here for you and want you to stay motivated and happy!


Thanks so much, 





Concerned Email Reply from Franchisee, Barbara Murphy:


I am not really succeeding in getting my name out there.  I applied for one of your commercials and the company that produces them said they are no longer doing for CB.  I donít have a lot of money as I am paying (undisclosed $) a month for my territories as well as credit card min fees.  I think I did (undisclosed) in sales last year.  Thank GOD I am working out of my house.  I want to go a MASSIVE advertisement for Valentines Day.  What do you suggest?




Reply from Headquarters:


Good morning, Barbara!


I hope this finds you well. I have compiled a list of suggestions/motivations/ideas that I hope get you stimulated. If you have any questions, please let us know. 



2Pair up with a gift store or restaurant where you could display and/or sell bouquets.

3 Sign up with Facebook to keep your presence to the public. Offer discounts through your page, as well as announce new bouquets, events or specials

4Push getting a Corporate account. The training manual has information, as well as sample letters. Options for who to pursue are hospitals, schools, department stores, churches, etc.

5Join your Chamber of Commerce to network and learn more about events in your area.

6Partner with wedding vendors or shops and sell your candy buffet idea.

7Sign up with Twitter for quick posts and updates. Can have a similar effect as Facebook. The more places people see your name, the better.

8Make sure you have either a Network Solutions site or other website. Having a web presence is important anymore. Even if you do not have a site where people can order from, it acts as a viable way to prove you are legit and professional. 

9Meet with other small businesses and see what their sales tactics are.

10Research marketing techniques online. Sales, Marketing & Advertising change with the times. It is important to keep up with what is working. You can discover free or inexpensive promotional ideas this way, as well.

11 Pair up with a neighboring territory and split radio or television time. Make sure you broadcast at a time of day you feel will get lots of ears' and eyes' attention.

12 Do you have a Whole Foods or natural grocery in your territory? See if they will display an organic bouquet created by your store.

13 For Valentine's Day, offer specials. On the Franchisee Center under Marketing, you will find Valentine's Day Enclosure Cards. They are fun and can be used with any arrangement. Offer a deal for the week of Valentine's Day. The holiday is on a Tuesday. Offer to deliver a small gift the Wednesday before, one on Friday, then one on Valentine's Day. Each gift gets bigger/nicer each time. For example. The first could be a set of ganache or our cupcake arrangement. The second, a soda glass bouquet in Valentine's colors. The third, on Tuesday, could be the new Love Bug bouquet. Your possibilities are endless. The fee is a set price and includes delivery each of the days so make sure your costs are covered. 

14If you are a storefront, hang tons of balloons outside of your store. Shop online at burton & Burton for a great variety of helium balloons. 

15 Team up with a restaurant for a gift combo. A customer could purchase a bouquet from you with a gift certificate or a dinner for two at a restaurant close by. Choose a romantic venue.


Thank you for getting in touch with us and sharing your concerns. We hate to hear of anyone struggling and do what we can to help. All of our franchisees are unique in location, sales technique, bouquet needs and more so we appreciate your willingness to persevere. Please let us know how your holiday goes and if you have any questions before hand, call or email. 


Have a wonderful day!





Response from Barbara:


This is an AWESOME start. Thank you sooooooo much. I work for a catering company and never even thought about the Chamber of Commerce or the Lyons Club how stupid am I? I am gonna get started on this list ASAP. Ill let you know how I do. Thanks again.




Barbara Murphy

CBI #6700

Methuen, MA