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Prez Follow Up With Franchisees

President & CEO, Dr. Jim Wheeler, Follows Up With
Freshly New Franchisees



March 6, 2012

Dr. Wheeler:


Hello, Michelle & Connie, Wendy & Johnny, Chris & Brian, Rika & Michael:
Welcome to my "New Franchisees" email group!!!  for everyone I've participated in their training since the Wheelers acquired CBI!
As you remember, one of our prior Franchisees' most frequent complaints is that HQ never contacted them! Well that was then, and this is of you has gotten emails from me and haven't returned them know who you are!!  -  (Johnny)  -  Remember I said I'd be tapping ya'll for information, and be taking an active part myself to help you go forward and be successful!
Ok, so when you have a minute please tell me:
1. Did you make it open in times for Valentine's Day?
2. Do you have any idea as to your gross receipts or net profit for the holiday week?
3. Do you have enough product for upcoming Easter and Mother's Day?
4. What 3 corporate accounts have you pitched already?
5. What can we do for you?
I do thank you for your participation in this NEW customer service program of CBI's.
Thanks again,
Jim Wheeler





Response From Johnny & Wendy at CBI 7000 in Lake Jackson, TX:


Hello everyone, sorry for being late with this information but I've had a busy canvasing week. To answer the questions,


1. yes, we opened a week before valentines day.


2. from 02/08 - 02/14 gross sales were approximately $8000.00


3. yes, our experience is showing that the pre-orders for Easter are mostly basket driving. Therefore in order to have the same impact as Valentine's make sure your baskets and displays stand out beyond any thing consumers may see in supermarkets.

I've shopped some of  them and they are horrendous and we have the creative advantage.


4. Food King, The Civic Center, Dow Chemical, and several local banks. 


5. A business portfolio illustrating what we can offer to clients. I'm in the process of creating something for myself, but I'm not the expert.


Candy Bouquet 7000

34 Circle Way

Lake Jackson, TX 77566






Response from Michelle Anderson, Canon City & Florence area, CO


Hello Jim,


Connie and I had a late start on the Valentine season due to snow slowing down our inventory. We did have a few sales that week but not a lot since our inventory arrived maybe a week before it. We are currently trying to ensure that we have enough product for the upcoming holidays. We currently have a corporate account with Prime Reality in which they will be purchasing bouquets for new home buyers. We have a consignment agreement with our local hospital to sell our bouquets in the gift shop as well as consigning them in a local gas station.  We just received our car boxes that we are going to use to approach the car dealerships in our area. Our local college has ordered bouquets for the nursing pinning ceremony.  We are currently working on getting a store front because I do think that is ultimately the best way to get the bouquets out there and stop being compared to the other candy bouquets that have been made in our community, (They are not as good as ours.)


We are looking at stopping the internet page, we have found that people are having trouble getting to the page. Everyone wants to type in www. and if they do it take you to a page stating the site is under construction. We have had no action on our web site other than us going in there and searching for things or just looking around it. We feel that we are wasting $26 a month and not being able to add pictures or comments to the site makes it difficult for us to get information out there. We would like to look at creating our own website and would like to know if that is a possibility with our franchise agreement?


We enjoyed the after valentines day sale and hope to see more sales. We like the idea of this group. Hope to hear from you soon.



Have a great day