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Enthusiasm And Creativity From New Franchisee Inspiring To Home Guard

Enthusiasm and Creativity from New Franchisee is
Inspiring to the Home Guard


March 21, 2012

From Michael Martinez in CO:


Mr. Wheeler - We have lots of stuff going on right now getting our location ready for business.

The landlord is so confident in us and wants us as a tenant that he let us move in to our space before we look at our lease, he is an understanding and open guy, we are building a great relationship. He mentioned to me that his lawyer is driving him nuts and he is getting impatient, since he is taking so long to review the lease, our landlord is willing to work with us on any changes necessary to the lease after we look at it.


We joined a local association called "The 38th Ave Merchants Association", we had our first meeting with them last night and "WOW" we met a handful of opportunities to put our hand in the pot to get our name in the community. We are going to sponsor a 5k run and we get to insert a sample of candy & gift certificate into the baggies which all entrees will get one, we enrolled into a local festival and this festival is turning into a big deal in our community, we are donating to a charity and the kick back will be free advertising for us, one local newspaper is working on publishing there next newspaper wrapped around the "The 38th Ave Merchants Association" and its members businesses. We mentioned to them that we are looking at opening April 1st and he is will to give us a spot in the newspaper, HUGE advertising for us. We met with a local middle school and the lady is the Director for this school, we are donating some gift certificates and in return she is getting us involved with all the parent meetings and admin meetings,we get 10-15 to present Candy Bouquet and our products.


Our next step is to get in the "Hispanic Chambers of Commerce", I know a couple of small business already in and they have so much support for young business to thrive. Our accountant we hired is really popular here in the Denver area and we hit it off, he is having us meet everyone he knows and get involved with the community to get our name out there. We have been telling everyone about our business and our friends have been supporting us by spreading the news to there employers. We are getting our internet, phone, cable & security system installed today so that means we will have a business phone number and we can print off flyers to start marketing to all local businesses and residential.


I can go on and on but I need to save some good stuff for my next update, I will send pictures when we have our location all finished, wish us luck.


Thank you,


Michael Martinez

Candy Bouquet 7030

1777  W. 38th Ave, #101

Denver, CO 80211