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Kids Creation Day

New Franchisees Make Owner Janet Wheeler's
Kids Creation Day Idea A Successful Reality



Owner Janet Wheeler wanted to create a hands-on element with children for stores to use. Children come to the stores on a chosen advertised day where they can assemble their own bouquet. Inspired by the “Build A Bear” technique, several items, such as stemmed candies and cellos, are pre-assembled so that safety is important. The children get to use their creativity and make their own little bouquets!


Johnny & Wendy Brown in Lake Jackson, TX, took this idea and ran with it, resulting in a successful day. The Kids Creation Day was not only profitable in financial means but it set them up with more social media connections as well as future events with sales and promotional possibilities. More than 25 children came and had a great time at the store. This event can be used at stores, homes, jamborees, fairs … the possibilities are numerous.




March 6, 2012

Dr. Wheeler:


Hey, Johnny & Wendy:
You are quickly distinguishing yourselves as my lead horses in my New Franchise the rest of you, pay attention to this. Johnny earned a quick $100 (David - add extra product to Johnny's next order in this denomination, please) by sending this in to long as he lets Emily write this up and post the pix on Tasty News!
Outstanding effort, our Franchise Neighbors!  Janet W will especially love to see this idea of hers has been so well put into action....
Johnny, remember we can help with an extra supply of Bouquets for busy holidays.  I think that worked well for Valentines', and we're here to help.  Jacquie is busy making 100 bouquets for Dorothy in Alaska.
Ok, other members of New Franchisee Group.....which I'm now renaming "CB Newbies"....let's see what you can impress the Fat Man with, ......
Great work, Johnny B Good, and Wendy B Even Better,
Jim W 


Response From Johnny & Wendy at CBI 7000 in Lake Jackson, TX:

(combined from two gracious emails from Johnny & Wendy)


Thanks Dr. Wheeler. Wendy and I are more than willing to reach out to our CB Newbies. Please feel free to use the Kids Creation info if it help others open up their creative treasure chest, we all have one.


45 kids attended the event and it was crazy fun. We made almost $400.00 in that two hours alone. We received 27 hits from Facebook liking the event and hope we will continue  to do more. Because of this effort we picked up two major events to participate in that could be very lucrative in sales and promotion. The two weeks leading into Easter has been busy and we are hanging on to our seats with three days to go.


Thanks from the sweetest place in town.


Johnny & Wendy


Candy Bouquet 7000

34 Circle Way

Lake Jackson, TX 77566