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New CEO Says Howdy And Thank You To Each Franchisee Personally

New CEO Says 'Howdy' and "Thank You" To Each Franchisee Personally

… A CBI First!

April 7, 2012


Stepping into office as President and CEO of Candy Bouquet International in November 2011, Dr. Jim Wheeler was ready to dive in and communicate with the backbone of the company – the franchisees. Dr. Wheeler personally contacted every franchisee, either by email or telephone, over the past few months so that he may bridge the gap between the top of Corporate Headquarters and the individual franchisees (or 'zees).


On the exclusive Franchisee Center has been a counter that reads Dr. Wheeler's Call Counter that has been updated regularly when he calls or contacts each franchisee. He has now contacted 100% of the Candy Bouquet franchise owners.


He is eager to hear back from franchisees that he has yet to speak with and find out their progress and frame of mind. He has stressed the importance of CBI Headquarters staff staying available and encouraging towards franchisees. The response to his reaching out has been phenomenal and we still have more feedback coming in.


So far, Dr. Wheeler reported:

ńMany had minor problems, e.g. accessing the website, ordering a special mug, etc. that he was able to refer to staff immediately

ńSeveral had major problems, e.g. marketing and business plan, for which he referred for major consultation with staff.

ńVirtually all were positive about CBI, thankful for being contacted, and wishing us the best at HQ!


The “Reach Out” Campaign has been a huge success. It is crucial for franchisees to feel like they have a close tie to home base. If their business is successful and flourishing, Headquarters wants to know. Not only for reasons of assuredness, but also so that we can share tips, marketing plans, success stores and more to those struggling or just starting out.


Dr. Wheeler has been taking strides to devote his time and energy to he and his wife's (owner Janet Wheeler) new endeavor. He  is keeping records of franchisee feedback, which will be posted at a later date, once more emails and responses have been received by CBI.