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Lake Jackson Finds Success In Helping Play Easter Bunny

Lake Jackson Finds Success In Helping Play Easter Bunny 



April 11, 2012

Johnny & Wendy:


Hello Everyone,


I just wanted to give a little post Easter Tasty-monial. Something I wanted to share with the team was a out of the box sale project we did that brought in some positive revenue. We made 100 Easter baskets that sold for $19.99 and distributed them to the four local elementary schools in my area with their permission. Needless to say most of them sold a week before Easter and all of them sold before Good Friday. This event has now led to Candy Bouquet being asked to do something similar for Mothers Day. If I can give any advise to new franchisees and or franchises that may be struggling is take advantage of what I call the season of feeling good. The holidays between February 14th and September 3rd themes are of love, pride, and patriotism. We have to be out in front of these very important shopping periods. Some helpful hints on how to stay on top of these shopping periods.


2Join your Chamber of Commerce, they usually have events posted on their website pertaining to those holidays.

3Have open house and invite the local school principles and superintendent's, civic center directors, recreation center directors, church administrators, Doctors and Realtors. 

4Have a workshop at your store that invites kids and parents, (i.e. Kids Creation Day).

5Sign up as a vendor at local fairs such as bridal shows, project graduation, project prom, women day event, (usually happen the Saturdays leading into mothers day).

6Form events and affairs alliances with local caterers, wedding planners, photographer, hot DJ's, and YES even floral shops.


My motivation comes from something my mother said to me along time ago. She once said to me “If I give you everything the I'll expect nothing from you, but if I give you what you need to succeed then I expect you to make a difference”.


Just a few things that might make a difference. Let me here from you.




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