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Snow Not CBI Franchisees Cold In Colorado!

Snow, Not CBI Franchisees, Are Cold in Colorado! 
Neighbors welcome the 'New Guy' to the Universe(ity) of Candy Bouquet!



April 2, 2012

Michael Martinez:


Hey Everyone - We finally opened our doors today, we have been distributing flyers like crazy. Unfortunately its cold today so everyone is staying in-doors. I attached some pics of our location, we are not fully filled but working on it:-) Keep in mind my former life in business was the corporate world so I am mocking our location off "The Professional Look"

Pic 1
Pic 2


Wish us luck, making door to door sales this week after it warms up.


Thank you,


Michael Martinez

Candy Bouquet 7030

1777  W. 38th Ave, #101

Denver, CO 80211




Supportive Response from Michelle Anderson via the New Franchisee Email Network System:


Congrats on your store opening.  My name is Michelle and my sister and I are in Canon City Colorado just a couple of hours south of you all.  We are working on opening our store front and enjoy looking at pictures to get ideas of set up and displays. Good luck.


Michelle Anderson

Candy Bouquet 7005