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G'day from Down Under

I can't believe I'm nearly ready to renew my term with Candy Bouquet. 5 years has just flown by.

When I first saw these bouquets on show in a shopping centre in Townsville I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

The colour, the designs and the wonderful selection of chocolates and sweets, nothing like what you can get in Australia.

I knew straight away this was something the "I" wanted. With 18years in the Public Service working in administration I decided I wanted to do something for myself - this was it.

Candy Bouquet had won my heart. I still work part-time and run a business AND LOVE IT.

I signed up for a franchise (never been in business before) and next thing I know I'm off to the USA - Little Rock, Arkansas to be exact.

What a wonderful experience. Trained there for 1 week and spent the next 2 weeks travelling the States. We've been back twice since with more trips planned. Definitely have me "hook, line and sinker".

I just love making Candy Bouquets and creating new designs.

The friendship and support I receive from Margaret McEntire (Owner/Founder of Candy Bouquet) and her team has been just amazing.

If you don't ask then you will never know. Suggestions, assistance or just a chat online, there is always someone there.

This is not the type of business where you can just sit back at wait for people to come to you.

I worked very hard to get the image and message about Candy Bouquet out in the market.

I couldn't have done this without the support of the Corporate Office team.

When I had writers block, Margaret was there to help. When I needed guidance about employing staff, again support and advice was available.

This Christmas I worked 20 hours day & night to get my orders ready. 86 bouquets for one company, 43 for another, 200 stems for a social club, 10 of this, 20 of that and it goes on.

This is pretty normal for this time of year as I can recall the last 3 Christmas' were very similar.

I emailed Margaret letting her know of my efforts, plus she kept me awake with her replies (sometimes the time difference works in my favour).

I don't have an Arts Degree and I haven't been trained as a florist, but I have been trained as a Candy Bouquet designer.

I am now fortunate to be able to provide the training to all new franchisees in Australia and I'm also a member on the Internationl Advisory Council for Candy Bouquet.

These rewards are priceless and I can't thank Candy Bouquet enough for the encouragement and recognition.

All I know is that it's a privelege to wake up to Candy Bouquet and not a chore, even after nearly 5 years.

Designs and creations come to you in your sleep and you just cant wait to make the bouquet the next day (that's exciting).

Here's cheers to another 5 years with Candy Bouquet in Australia.

Sweet regards

Debbie James

Candy Bouquet #4785

Ferny Grove, Brisbane