Candy Bouquet News Room


Connie Dickens and Michelle Anderson

February 2012

We are sisters that wanted to have something that we could do together and give us some freedom with our work schedule. Connie has always wanted to own a candy store and Michelle just wants to work for the rest of her life. One November evening Michelle went to Connie’s house and said “I have a plan; I think we should open a Candy Bouquet.” Connie responds by agreeing with the crazy sister but in the back of her head she thought “this is just another crazy thought and it too will pass.” By the end of November we purchased our territory.

We then needed to get everything prepared to be in training in January. We both attended training in Little Rock, and we were a little concerned not knowing what we were walking into. We were pleasantly surprised by the employees at headquarters; everyone made us feel like we were important to them and would do anything to make our business a success. The next concern to be honest was when we found out that we would not be leaving for lunch we were concerned that we would be there entirely too long. To our surprise that was a great thing, by not leaving for lunch this kept everyone with the information on their minds and we did not lose time trying to get back in the swing of training.

After training we arrived back in Colorado to get everything set up to start as soon as we received our inventory. Valentine day was quickly approaching, then a snow storm closed roads and this held up our inventory. We already had an order for a birthday bouquet that was made the day the inventory arrived and shipped the next day. We found that the most difficult thing about opening as a home based business would be individuals not being able to see the bouquets and thinking that they are like other candy bouquets in the town. Both of us along with our husbands have a binder with pictures of bouquets that we have made and took pictures of. We have found that it is important for people to see the product. Luckily we have great husbands that are helping us with marketing. The first business we approached was U-Pump-It gas station and has a consignment agreement with the store and they provide us a space to display our bouquets. The next business would be Prime Reality, now we have to admit that the person we contacted there is our step mother. She has already sent two bouquets to different realtors and one of them has already called and ordered another. The local hospital gift shop was our next business that was approached. The manager of the gift shop was not too sure about the bouquets as she was thinking about those other bouquets. She decided to give Candy Bouquet #7005 a trial run. We placed 4 bouquets in the hospital gift shop and within the 1st week two of the bouquets sold.

After placing our first advertisement the local newspaper called to set up a time to meet to get information on a story that they was writing about the business. Following that FREE advertisement, the next few days we had received multiple orders. Within the first 5 days of our second month in business we tripled our total of the first month. We can contribute this to the article in the paper and the fact that we have bouquets in our local hospital gift shop. We are now actively looking for the right location to open a storefront. The storefront will include party supplies, decorations and gifts.

As a home-based business we rely on the shops allowing us to consign the bouquets and the corporate accounts with the local realtors. Candy Bouquet’s headquarters have been very helpful with answering the questions we had the day we got home from training (but they told us that would happen). They continue with that same support every day. We never worry about calling because we know that our questions will be answered professionally. The individuals at headquarters make us feel as they have an interest in our Candy Bouquet succeeding. We are enjoying this business and the excitement of the local community as well as the headquarters.

Connie Dickens and Michelle Anderson

Candy Bouquet #7005

Canon City, CO