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Patty Wilton

February 2012

I came to Candy Bouquet because my friend, Theresa Parsons, had her own Candy Bouquet Franchise in Wheeling, WV. Theresa and I have been friends for years, attended MBA school together at Wheeling Jesuit University, and were coworkers at the National Technology Transfer Center and the West Virginia High Technology Consortium Foundation. Our career paths keep crossing! I have always wanted my own business, after years of helping other small businesses grow in West Virginia. After moving to Oklahoma, I was using Facebook to keep in touch with my former colleagues. I noticed that many of them were "friends" with Candy Bouquet Wheeling. When I asked them who was this Candy Bouquet, it turned out to be Theresa! I called her and was very intrigued! I called Candy Bouquet and spoke with Janet and got all the info about opening a Candy Bouquet of my own!

Candy Bouquet is the perfect avenue for my creative side and I thought a store front would be a great fit in my community of Edmond. I received my Candy Bouquet training in April 2010. The training was a truly wonderful experience, and didn't end with my week in Little Rock. Everyone was so willing to help beyond the training and answered all of my questions quickly! I felt like I had so many people who wanted me to succeed and were willing to help me. I also met other new franchisees at the training and we have remained in touch and constantly brainstorm ideas and support each other. I opened my storefront in July 2010, and I'v enjoyed the challenges of making it grow. I consider all of the CBI staff part of my team they all have been tremendous support along the way, from help with advertising and marketing strategy, to a pep talk, giving me new ideas for products (cupcakes, new bouquets), and cheering me on when I have success, like my visit from the Jelly Belly RV last October.

I know I have a long way to go to fully reach the potential I can attain with my Candy Bouquet franchise. I have had steady growth in my business since I opened, and this past year have added several corporate clients. That will be my focus in the coming year, adding more corporate clients to generate a more stable income stream, and I know you will all be right behind me!

Thank you, Candy Bouquet, for all you do to help me be a successful franchisee!

Sweet Regards!

Patty Wilton

Sweet Peace

Candy Bouquet #6580