Candy Bouquet News Room


Suzann Schagen

August 5, 2011

Today, we delivered our first website order, the chocolate tea cup! Today we also put 8 different bouquets at a local bank which they have on sale in their lobby. We have the roofing company which Scott worked at for 28 years as a corporate account where he is buying 4 bouquets per week and giving them to every customer who he sells a roof to. Also, we are working a deal now with the Chevy dealership to put an arrangement inside every vehicle sold, then we will move onto Chrysler / Jeep and Ford too. Also today, a local non-profit nursing home wants us to donate a couple arrangements to their silent auction which will be their annual gala and over 200 doctors, lawyers and hospital administrators attend ! So, things are looking up for us and we are moving some goods !!!

Suzann Schagen

CBI #6880