Candy Bouquet News Room


Trish Figurski

January 10, 2012

My name is Trish Figurski, (Candy Bouquet #6800). My husband and I own an insurance agency in Erie, PA. I was not unhappy with our current business, but I had been looking for a business that I could grow over the next five years, some day retire and spend all of my time creating something I loved. I made a promise to my husband I would do this on my own as I believe he thought of it as a "mid-life crisis". It needed to have all of the following benefits:

  • a "feel of family" at the top
  • a low start up
  • realistic franchise fees
  • support from a corporate office
  • flexibility
  • a company that embraced creativity not structure
  • a product that I would be proud to bring to our city
  • a service that could be provided to customers across the United States
  • something that would bring lots of smiles and not spoil or perish quickly so that it could be enjoyed by all ages
  • a store front that could be connected to our insurance agency so I would be close by

Late one night, I discovered Candy Bouquet! From the first phone call to Jacquie (Wallace) Bolin to purchasing plane tickets to AR (when I hadn't had a week off in four and a half years), and finally landing in a school desk at training where the founder of the company, Margaret, treated us like "family", I knew I made the right choice! I had the gift of hiring a store manager (Brandon) that is, day in and day out, "in it to succeed"...and every day IS A SWEET DAY AT THE CANDY BOUQUET!

The ideas pour into my head as it hits the pillow each night and watching the customer's faces when we show them what we created to match the pictures in their minds is a reward that makes us want to cut the next piece of foam and start making another smile.

I am truly proud to be a part of the Candy Bouquet FAMILY and I know great things are to come because I am surrounded by great people!

Trish Figurski

Candy Bouquet #6800