Candy Bouquet News Room


Wendy Bourassa

March 14, 2012

Hi Jim and Janet,

Thank you for your email. Sounds like there has been a lot in the works and much more to come since you acquired CBI a few short months ago.

I have been a franchisee since 2000. I am currently into my third, 5-year contract. My first 5 years were in a storefront and after my lease was up, we moved to an online operation. It was the smartest move ever! I have a fully functioning shop in my home and have been operating as an online store since May of 2005. Although CB has always been a second income for our family, I work it full time and have had very favorable results. It has been and still is an interesting 'adventure' with Candy that I would not change and I continue to enjoy after all these years.

I look forward to hearing about the new and fresh ideas implemented at Candy Bouquet International !

Have a Sweet Day!

Wendy Bourassa

CBI #646